Dog Baths and Beyond
Dog Baths and Beyond 

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Dog Baths and Beyond

1221 W. Eisenhower Blvd

Loveland, 80537

Phone: 970-622-9466

Why come to Dog Baths and Beyond?
  • It is a struggle to wash your dog in the bath tub at home.
  • Spraying off with a garden hose is just too cold and uncomfortable for your pet, even in the summer time.
  • You leave the Mess for Us to clean!
  • Fact is that keeping excess dirt and hair off the skin is healthier for your pet.
  • By using natural shampoos and conditioners that do not strip the fur of the necessary oils, your dog's skin and fur stay shiny and healthy.
  • Keeping your pet clean keeps your home free of dirt and hair.
  • Fun toys and fashionable collars and leads at a convenient location.
We want to help you share a happy, healthy clean life with your pets!
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Leave the Mess with Us!